Mocha the Doxie and the Hidden Treasure of Hendrys Beach

Mocha the Doxie

The Adventure Begins

In the sunny town of Santa Barbara, a curious dachshund named Mocha embarks on thrilling adventures with his best friend, Emery. Together, they explore the beautiful Hendrys Beach, uncovering hidden treasures and creating unforgettable memories. Join Mocha and Emery as they dive into a world of excitement and discovery!

With the ocean breeze guiding their way, Mocha’s keen sense of smell leads them to mysterious finds buried in the golden sands. Every day is a new quest filled with wonder and joy. Come along and experience the magic of their adventures!

Rough Draft

In the sunny town of Santa Barbara, on a beautiful mesa overlooking the ocean, lived a little dachshund named Mocha. Mocha was a curious and adventurous pup who loved to eat and explore. He lived with his best friend, Emery, a cheerful girl who loved nature with a  heart filled with wonderment, adventure and full of love for her furry companion.


Every morning, after a hearty breakfast, Mocha would stretch out in the warm sunlight streaming through the window with the scent of the ocean breezing through their home on the Mesa. But today was different. Today, Mocha caught a whiff of something exciting in the air.


“Woof, woof!” barked Mocha, wagging his tail furiously. Emery knew that meant he had picked up a scent. “What is it, Mocha?” she asked, already grabbing his leash. Mocha dashed towards the door, leading Emery to their favorite spot, Hendry’s Beach.


The beach was beautiful with its golden sands and sparkling waves. Mocha’s nose twitched as he followed the mysterious scent, zigzagging across the warm sandy beach. Emery followed closely, her eyes wide with anticipation. Sand kicking up as the dashed along the beach.


Suddenly, Mocha stopped and began digging furiously in the sand. Emery knelt down to help, her fingers digging beside Mocha’s little paws.Warm sand turned to moist sand from the high tide the night before. After a few moments, they uncovered a small, old chest.


Emery carefully opened the chest to reveal a treasure trove of shiny shells, colorful stones, and a beautiful, old map. “Wow, Mocha! Look at all these treasures!” Emery exclaimed. Mocha’s tail wagged even faster, proud of his discovery. He beamed from one floppy ear to the other floppy ear.


They examined the map together and realized it showed hidden spots around the beach where more treasures might be buried. Mocha barked happily, eager for more adventures. Emery smiled and patted his head, “Let’s go find more, Mocha!”


They examined the map together and realized it showed hidden spots around the Hendry’s where more treasures might be buried. Each spot was marked with a tiny drawing of a seashell or a starfish, and the map had little notes written in curly letters. Emery read one aloud, “Under the big rock by the tide pools once the tide recedes…”

Mocha barked happily, eager for more adventures. Emery smiled and patted his head, “Let’s go find more, Mocha!” With the map in one hand and Mocha’s leash in the other, they set off towards the tide pools.

They reached the tide pools and spotted the big rock mentioned on the map. Mocha started sniffing around, his nose twitching with excitement. “Do you smell something, Mocha?” Emery asked. Mocha wagged his tail and began to dig. Emery joined him, and soon they found a small bag filled with sparkling sea glass.

“Look, Mocha! It’s beautiful!” Emery exclaimed, holding up the colorful pieces that glittered in the sunlight. Mocha barked in agreement, his eyes shining with joy.

They continued following the map, heading towards bluebird on the cliff side marked with a starfish. As they approached, Mocha’s ears perked up, and he started to dig again. This time, they uncovered an old, tarnished locket. Emery opened it carefully and found a tiny photo inside of a little boy and his dog.

“This must have been a special treasure for someone,” Emery said softly. She tucked the locket into her pocket, thinking they might find a way to return it.


Next, they followed the map back towards the entrance to Hendrys to a spot near the lifeguard tower. Mocha’s nose led them to a buried tin box. Inside, they found an old coin with strange symbols on it. Emery and Mocha marveled at the discovery, imagining the stories behind each treasure they found.

“You’re the best treasure hunter, Mocha,” Emery said, giving him a big hug. Mocha licked her face, making her giggle.


As the sun began to set, they decided to explore one last spot marked on the map, a hidden cove just past the lagoon runoff behind some large boulders. It was a bit tricky to get to, but Mocha’s keen sense of smell guided them. In the cove, they found a small chest filled with tiny, intricately carved wooden animals.

“These are amazing, Mocha! Someone must have worked very hard on these,” Emery said, carefully placing the wooden animals back into the chest.

As the sun began to set, Emery and Mocha sat on the beach, watching the waves and feeling proud of their adventurous day. “Thank you, Mocha,” Emery whispered, hugging her furry friend. Mocha snuggled into Emery’s lap, content and happy.

With their newfound treasures, Emery and Mocha headed back home, the sky painted in hues of pink and orange. They were tired but happy, having spent the day uncovering the hidden secrets of Hendry’s Beach. As they reached their house, Emery whispered, “Thank you for the best adventure ever, Mocha.”

Mocha snuggled into Emery’s lap, content and happy, dreaming of the next day’s discoveries and the adventures that awaited them in their beautiful town of Santa Barbara.

And so, every night, Emery would tell Mocha about their adventures, and Mocha would dream of the next day’s discoveries, snuggled up and warm, just like in their beautiful town of Santa Barbara.


From that day on, every trip to Hendry’s Beach was a new adventure for Mocha and Emery. Together, they uncovered the hidden treasures of the sandy shores and created memories that would last a lifetime. Mocha and Emery explored Hendry’s Beach, uncovering more hidden treasures and enjoying the beautiful scenery. They found starfish, sea glass, and even an old coin. Each discovery was more exciting than the last.


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