Beach Adventures

But where did Shadow go?

By Rey Cruz

Adventures at the beach with Princess and Bosbo

Once upon a time, in a sunny coastal town of Santa Barbara, there lived a little girl named Kaitlin, but her daddy always called her “Princess.” Princess had a wild and vivid imagination, and she was known for her boundless energy. Her best friends in the whole wide world were her two stuffed animals, Bosbo, a big, friendly black Lab, and Shadow, a smaller black Lab who was always getting into mischief. But with Princess’s vivid imagination they were real and she loved their adventures and always took them everywhere she went.

One bright and beautiful morning, Princess’s daddy decided to take her and her two furry pals on a special trip to Hendry’s beach. The sun was high in the sky, and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore filled the air. Princess couldn’t have been happier.

They arrived at the beach, and Princess wasted no time. She dug her little hands into the warm sand and started building the most incredible sandcastle, complete with tall turrets and a moat. Bosbo watched over her like a loyal knight.

After a while, her tummy rumbled, and she knew it was time for lunch. She headed over to the picnic table with her dad, but something was missing. “Daddy, where’s Shadow?” she asked, looking around in confusion.

Her dad frowned and said, “I don’t know, Princess. Please find him before we can have lunch. Bosbo, help Princess find Shadow.”

Princess and Bosbo set out on an adventure, determined to find their mischievous little friend. They walked along the sandy shore, keeping an eye out for any signs of Shadow’s antics.

As they strolled, they met four friendly sea creatures.

First, a cheerful dolphin leaped out of the water, and Princess asked, “Have you seen our little Shadow dog?”

The dolphin replied, “Yes, I saw him splashing in the waves and having a grand time, but I’m not sure where he went next.” Princess and Bosbo both look at each other and say “Oh Shadow”!

They continued on their journey along the sandy beach. Bosbo was sniffing the sand and right then they both spot tiny little paw prints in the wet sand.

Princess yells out “look Bosbo there’s Shadows paw prints”

Bosbo sniffs the little sand prints and exclaims “that’s him”

They continue walking down the beach.

Next, they encountered a chatty crab scuttling along the sand. Princess inquired, “Mr. Crab, have you seen our little Shadow dog?”

The crab replied, “Oh, I spotted him playing with the seashells, but he scuttled away when I tried to say hello.” Princess and Bosbo both look at each other and say “Oh Shadow”!

Princess looks in the distance and see’s that shadows paw prints continue down the sandy beach.

Princess tells Bosbo that she is getting hungrier and they need to find Shadow.

Bosbo agrees with Princess and they continue waling along the beach in search of Shadow.

Then, a seagull soaring above swooped down and landed nearby. Princess asked, “Dear Seagull, have you seen our little Shadow dog?”

The seagull replied, “Indeed, I saw him chasing seagulls, trying to fly with us. He flew off that way, but I’m not sure where he landed.”

Princess and Bosbo both look at each other shaking their heads and say “Oh Shadow”!

Princess and Bosbo thanked the sea creatures for their help and continued their search. They followed the seagull’s direction and walked and walked until their little feet were tired.

With their tummies grumbling and not seeing Shadow they stop.

Princess says “maybe we need to get daddy’s help finding Shadow”.

Finally, Princess and Bosbo decided to head back to the picnic table, feeling a bit worried.

But knowing that daddy will help them find Shadow with them.

As they get closer to the picnic table they see daddy setting out lunch. But they also see this little black object sitting at the table.

Suddenly they hear a familiar sound! Its barking…

Princess and Bosbo start to run back to the pinic table with excitement in their hearts.

As they arrived, they were greeted by an unexpected sight. There was Shadow, happily munching on sandwiches meant for their picnic and barking his head off to daddy.

Princess and Bosbo both exclaimed in unison, “Oh, Shadow!”

Daddy chuckled and said, “It seems Shadow couldn’t resist the delicious sandwiches. Well, now that we’re all here, let’s sit down and have our lunch.”

And so, the three friends and their daddy enjoyed a wonderful beach picnic, complete with sandwiches, fruit, and juice boxes.

They laughed and shared stories of their adventures while the sun shone brightly in the sky.

It was a day filled with love, laughter, and the joy of being together, a memory that would stay with Princess Kaitlin, Bosbo, and Shadow forever.