Adventures under the Sea

BY Rey Cruz

Princess and Bosbo. Submarine adventure under the sea.


Once upon a time, in a colorful house close to the ocean in a small town called Santa Barbara, lived a carefree young girl named Kate. She had a vivid imagination that filled her days with endless excitement and joy. She was a ray of sunshine in her dad’s life, and he always called her his little princess. Every day, Princess wore her sparkling pink tiara and a frilly dress, ready for the next adventure.

On this sunny morning, Princess had a grand idea. “Daddy, today Bosbo and I are going on an adventure under the sea!” she exclaimed. With her dad’s approval, they set off on their thrilling quest.

The first step on their adventure was to create an underwater submarine. Princess gathered some cardboard boxes, crayons, and her imagination. She and Bosbo began to color the cardboard, turning it into a magnificent, rainbow-colored submarine. Shadow, of course, supervised from a cozy corner with one eye occasionally opening as he yawed.

With their submarine ready, they climbed inside, and Princess used her magical imagination to make it dive deep into the ocean. They descended into the blue depths, surrounded by schools of colorful fish, waving seaweed, and curious sea creatures. They laughed and waved at all the sea animals.

Their journey took them to meet incredible sea animals, each more enchanting than the last. They greeted a friendly dolphin, a wise old sea turtle, a playful octopus, a shimmering starfish, and a giggly jellyfish.

Princess asked the friendly dolphins, “Have you seen a mystical creature with floppy ears, black furry skin, and an otter’s tail?”

The dolphins swam around and around laughing and playing. They stopped long enough to tell Princess that they had seen this creature. But it swam off, they did remember that it had a tail like an otter.

Each sea creature, in its unique way, nodded and replied,

The next sea creature Princess and Bosbo came across with the octopus and his long arms. Princess asked the octopus if it had seen this sea monster. The octopus said “Oh yes, I’ve seen it, swimming and splashing nearby. It’s keeps trying to chase me!” I had to shoot out my ink to hide my escape from it.

With each encounter, Princess’s heart swelled with anticipation. She was sure they were getting closer to finding the mystical creature causing trouble in the ocean.

Next they came across an old wise sea turtle who has been swimming the oceans for many years. Princess asked him if he had seen this creature. The old wise sea turtle took his time thinking about this question. He finally said “yes, I have seen him swimming out that way. He had this long black nose that it tried to sniff me with”.

Princess and Bosbo continued on in their submarine looking for this creature with a otters tail and a long black nose.

As they dived deeper into the oceans depths they came across a group of jelly fish swimming and laughing in the ocean blue. Princess slowed the submarine down and asked the laughing jelly fish if they had seen this creature with a otters tail and long black nose? The jelly fish quickly talked to each other and in unison said “Yes, they has seen this creature and it had black floppy ears. Princess and Bosbo thanked the jelly fish and continued their search.

Next they came upon a star fish that was upside down and bubbles going off into the distance. As the star fish righted itself. They asked if it  had seem this creature with big floppy ears, a long nose and a tail like an otter. The jelly fish was so tired from trying to right itself that it quietly said “yes it went that way”.

As they ventured further into the depths, they discovered a massive clam that seemed to be struggling to open. A peculiar barking sound echoed from the top back part of the clam. Princess and Bosbo, approached cautiously, and to their astonishment, they found a creature with floppy ears, black furry skin, and an otter’s tail sitting on the clam just barking away as it laughed.

Princess and Bosbo both gasped and exclaimed, “Oh Shadow!” She realized that it was Shadow who had caused all the commotion. “Shadow, it’s time to go home. Daddy is waiting for us, and we’re all hungry,” she said, gently scolding him.

Shadow looked a bit sheepish but happily agreed to return to the surface with Princess and Bosbo. As the the submarine journeyed back towards the shimmering surface of the ocean, they couldn’t help but laugh at the silly adventure they’d had.

Once back home, Princess’s dad welcomed them with open arms. They all enjoyed a delicious meal together, and Princess, Bosbo, and Shadow couldn’t stop talking about their incredible undersea adventure. It was a day full of surprises, laughter, and love, and it was a day they would never forget.

And so, with hearts full of happiness, they drifted off to sleep, ready to embrace the next day’s adventure, for Princess was a carefree soul, always bringing happiness, excitement, and a strong will to explore, and with her dad, Bosbo, and Shadow by her side, there was no limit to the wonders they could discover.