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Meet Shadow and Mocha 'Princesses Friends'

Princesses Friends- Get ready for a whirlwind of fun and adventures with two new delightful characters story book series, Shadow the tiny black lab and Mocha the spirited dachshund. Join them as they bring laughter, friendship, and mischief to the sunny streets of Santa Barbara in our upcoming storybook series ‘Princess’s Friends’.

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Introducing Our Latest Storybook Series

Introducing princesses friends Shadow and Mocha. Each series is a journey filled with fun, mischief, and heartwarming lessons about friendship and bravery. Discover the playful escapades of Shadow, the mischievous black lab, and Mocha, the spirited dachshund, as they explore the sunny landscapes of Santa Barbara.

Prepare to be captivated by the charming tales of ‘Shadow’s Silly Adventures’ and ‘Mocha the Doxie: Adventures in Santa Barbara.’ These upcoming Children stories promise to whisk young readers away on thrilling explorations, where laughter and learning go hand in hand. Stay tuned for their release and get ready to dive into a world where every page turns into an exciting new adventure!

Introducing Our two New Characters series

Princess's Friends

Shadow's Silly Adventures

In the heart of sunny Santa Barbara, California, there’s a mischievous little black lab named Shadow who is always up to something! From the creative mind of Rey Cruz comes a delightful children’s book series chronicling the hilarious escapades of this rambunctious pup.

Meet Shadow, a furry whirlwind of energy with an insatiable curiosity and a nose for trouble. Whether he’s chasing seagulls along the sandy shores of East Beach or nosing his way into the local farmer’s market, Shadow’s antics are guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to readers of all ages.

Join Shadow as he explores the vibrant streets and scenic parks of Santa Barbara, leaving a trail of chaos and laughter in his wake. From chasing after squirrels in Alice Keck Park to sneaking bites of picnic sandwiches at Shoreline Park, there’s never a dull moment when Shadow is around.

But amidst all the laughter and chaos, Shadow’s big heart shines through. Through his adventures, readers will discover the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and the importance of embracing life’s unexpected twists and turns.

So grab your leash and get ready for a wild ride with Shadow, the lovable little black lab who proves that sometimes, the best adventures are the ones you never saw coming!

Princess's Friends

Mocha the Doxie Series

Meet Mocha, the spirited dachshund with a heart as big as his appetite! In the charming coastal city of Santa Barbara, California, Mocha embarks on thrilling adventures that capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

Written by Rey Cruz, the “Mocha the Doxie” series follows the endearing pup as he basks in the warm California sun, his little legs carrying him on explorations of the vibrant city and its breathtaking surroundings. Whether he’s chasing seagulls along the sandy shores or sniffing out new culinary delights at the local eateries, Mocha’s zest for life knows no bounds.

Join Mocha and his friends as they uncover the wonders of Santa Barbara, from its bustling streets to its hidden nooks and crannies. With each turn of the page, young readers will be enchanted by Mocha’s curious nature and unwavering spirit, learning valuable lessons about friendship, courage, and the joy of discovery.

With captivating illustrations and heartwarming storytelling, “Mocha the Doxie: Adventures in Santa Barbara” is sure to become a beloved favorite for families everywhere, inspiring a love for exploration and the world around us. So grab your sunscreen and leash, because Mocha is ready to lead the way on his next thrilling escapade!

Themes of Mocha's Series

Mocha’s adventures are crafted to spark curiosity and courage in young readers. Each story is a celebration of exploration, showcasing the delights of discovery and the strength of camaraderie.

Friendship and Adventure

Both Shadow and Mocha bring stories of friendship and adventure. Their tales are interwoven with fun, learning, and the unbreakable bonds of companionship that resonate with children and adults alike.

Life Lessons from Our Tales

Through the playful antics and challenges faced by Shadow and Mocha, our stories aim to impart lessons about the value of friendship, the thrill of adventure, and the wisdom found in everyday surprises.

Explore the Artful Antics of Shadow and Mocha

Princesses Friends Adventures in Santa Barbara

Princesses Friends
Mocha the Doxie
Adventures of Shadow
Princesses Friends
Mocha the Doxie
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