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Join Princess and her loyal doggie Bosbo as they embark on whimsical adventures through the magical realms of her vivid imagination. Sing along to their enchanting journey and let your spirit soar with every note!

Princess’s Imagination



In my pink princess dress, I twirl around, With my tiara sparkling, adventure’s found. With Bosbo by my side, we’re ready to go, In my cardboard castle, we’ll put on a show.

Oh, the places we’ll see, in my mind’s eye, With imagination as vast as the sky. Through jungles and space, we’ll boldly roam, In our magical world, we’re never alone.

On the beach, we’ll build castles in the sand, With seashells and dreams, we’ll take a stand. Under the ocean blue, where mermaids play, With Bosbo and me, we’ll laugh and sway.

Oh, the places we’ll see, in my mind’s eye, With imagination as vast as the sky. Through jungles and space, we’ll boldly roam, In our magical world, we’re never alone.

With a book in my hand, the story unfolds, In worlds of wonder, my heart beholds. I’ll climb to the stars, on a rocket’s gleam, With Bosbo beside me, it’s all a dream.

Oh, the places we’ll see, in my mind’s eye, With imagination as vast as the sky. Through jungles and space, we’ll boldly roam, In our magical world, we’re never alone.

So come join me now, in this wondrous land, Where cardboard boxes are kingdoms gold. With Princess and Bosbo, let’s play and explore, In the world of imagination, forevermore.

Beach walk trying to find Shadow

Explore the Magic

Welcome to a world where imagination knows no bounds, where Princess Kate and her loyal companion Bosbo embark on enchanting adventures that span the realms of jungles, oceans, and outer space. Each day with Princess and Bosbo is a new chapter in a storybook filled with wonder and excitement.

Dressed in her iconic pink princess attire, Kate transforms her surroundings into a stage for adventure. With her tiara shimmering in the light, she and Bosbo dive into their cardboard castle, setting the scene for a day of exploration and storytelling.

Together, they traverse landscapes crafted from the boundless realms of Kate’s vivid imagination. From building majestic sandcastles on their local Santa Barbara beaches to swimming alongside mermaids in the deep blue, their journeys are as limitless as the sky above.

With each adventure, they learn and grow, proving that with a sprinkle of creativity and the companionship of a faithful friend, the world is a magical place waiting to be discovered. Join Princess and Bosbo as they continue to explore and dream in their enchanted world.

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Princess and Bosbo's Imaginative Journeys

Princess and Bosbo Ocean Adventure
Princess and Bosbo under the Sea
Princess and Bosbo story book
Princess and Bosbo Christmas Adventure
Princess and Bosbo explore outer space
Princess and Bosbo
Princess and Bosbo

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Princess and Bosbo go to the Beach

Join Princess and Bosbo as they embark on a beach adventure as they meet many sea animals. A perfect read for sparking young imaginations!


Princess and Bosbo Beach Puzzle

Introducing the enchanting “Princess and Bosbo at the Beach” Puzzle, where imagination meets adventure!


The Hidden Treasure of Sandcastle Beach

Uncover hidden treasures and secret maps with Princess and Bosbo on Sandcastle Beach. A captivating story for little explorers.

Coming Soon

Mystery in the Cardboard Castle

Explore the corners of a giant cardboard castle and solve the mystery with Princess and her loyal companion, Bosbo. Great for imaginative play.

Coming Soon

Sing Along with Princess and Bosbo

Princess’s Imagination Songbook

Learn and sing the adventurous tunes of Princess and Bosbo with this beautifully illustrated songbook. Perfect for musical moments at home.

Coming Soon

Bosbo Plush Toy

Bring home a soft and cuddly Bosbo plush toy, the perfect companion for bedtime stories and daytime adventures.

Coming Soon

Princess's Tiara and Wand Set

Get dressed for an adventure with Princess’s very own sparkling tiara and magic wand set. Ideal for creative dress-up play.

Coming Soon

Shadow Plush Toy

Oh Shadow! Bring home a soft and cuddly Shadow rambunctious plush toy, the perfect companion for bedtime stories and silly adventures.

Coming Soon

More Adventures Await!

Underwater Voyage with Mermaids T-Shirt

Dive into the deep blue sea and swim with the mermaids in this Princess and Bosbo T-Shirt. A fantastic T-Shirt for those who love adventures with Princess and Bosbo.

Coming Soon

Rocket to the Stars

Climb aboard a rocket with Princess and Bosbo as they zoom through the galaxy. A stellar pick for young astronauts.

Coming Soon

Princess's Craft Box

Create your own adventures with Princess’s Craft Box, filled with materials to build your very own cardboard castle and more.

Coming Soon

Storytime with Princess and Bosbo

Enjoy a collection of favorite tales featuring Princess and Bosbo in this special storytime edition. Perfect for bedtime reading.

Coming Soon

Upcoming Adventures of Princess and Bosbo

Get ready to dive deeper into the whimsical world of Princess and Bosbo with our upcoming story teasers. Each tale is crafted to spark the imagination of our young readers, promising more magical journeys and adventures.

A Voyage to the Cloud Castles

Join Princess and Bosbo as they embark on a sky-high adventure to the mystical Cloud Castles. Discover what wonders await them above the fluffy clouds in this enchanting new story.
Expected Release: Spring 2024

The Enchanted Forest Festival

Witness the vibrant colors and magical festivities as Princess and her faithful companion Bosbo explore the legendary Enchanted Forest Festival. A tale filled with mysterious creatures and sparkling festivities.
Expected Release: Summer 2024

Mystery of the Whispering Woods

Something mysterious whispers through the trees. Can Princess and Bosbo uncover the secrets of the Whispering Woods? This story promises a blend of mystery and adventure that will captivate our readers.
Expected Release: Fall 2024

The Great Pirate Treasure

Set sail with Princess and Bosbo as they map the stars and seas to find the lost pirate treasure. Adventure awaits on the high seas in this thrilling tale of exploration and discovery.
Expected Release: Winter 2024

The Galactic Night Festival

Travel beyond the stars! Princess and Bosbo will explore the far reaches of space to attend the Galactic Night Festival. A cosmic celebration with alien friends and interstellar fireworks.
Expected Release: Spring 2025

The Lost City of Sand

Uncover ancient mysteries with Princess and Bosbo as they navigate the dunes in search of the Lost City of Sand. A story of perseverance and discovery in the vast desert.
Expected Release: Summer 2025

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